Expert Perspectives

Governments and other stakeholders must take into account many considerations as they develop strategies to implement their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change. Advancing climate action and sustainable development while reaching their emission reduction and resilience goals requires action plans for key sectors, greater coordination across sectors, and consistent funding to put national plans in place.

The NDC Partnership solicited perspectives from leading subject matter experts from around the globe to offer insights on how to address these diverse issues. The expert perspectives listed below explore key issues confronting countries as they move forward with NDC implementation, and are showcased here. They do not represent the views of the NDC Partnership Support Unit, its member countries, or organizations. Additional expert perspectives will be added over time.


Facilitating Global Transition: The Role of Nationally Determined Contributions in Meeting the Long-Term Temperature Goal of the Paris Agreement

By Dr. (h.c.) Bill Hare, CEO & Co-Founder of Climate Analytics; Dr. Andrzej Ancygier, Deputy Head of Climate Policy Team; Laetitia De Marez, Head of Implementation Strategies; Paola Yanguas Parra, Climate Policy Analyst


Using NDCs, NAPs and the SDGs to Advance Climate-Resilient Development

By Anne Hammill, Director; Hayley Price-Kelly, Program Manager; NAP Global Network Secretariat, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)


Transport and Climate Change: How Nationally Determined Contributions Can Accelerate Transport Decarbonization

By Cornie Huizenga, Secretary General and Karl Peet, Research Director, Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport


Building Energy Efficiency and the Nationally Determined Contributions

By Meredydd Evans, Senior Staff Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Nature-Based Solutions for Better Climate Resilience: the Need to Scale up Ambition and Action

By Johan Rockström, Director, Professor; Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University and Tristan D. Tyrrell, Programme Officer; SwedBio at Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University


Unlocking Private Finance to Help Governments Achieve their Climate Goals

By Tom Kerr, Principal Climate Policy Officer; and Aditi Maheshwari, Climate Policy Officer, IFC Climate Business Department